FCDUFederação Catarinense do Desporto Universitário (Portuguese: Santa Catarina State University Sports Federation; Brazil)
FCDUForeign Currency Deposit Unit (bank license; The Philippines)
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From data we can gather so far, FCDU assets saw decline after the 1997 financial crisis.
The growth of FCDU loans was due to disbursements exceeding principal repayments.
Also, most FCDU loans were given in medium to long-term maturities, as 75 percent of the FCDU funds were given in these types of terms.
As of end-June 2018, outstanding loans granted by Foreign Currency Deposit Units (FCDUs) of banks stood at $15.7 billion, lower by $690 million (4.2 percent) from the end-March 2018 level of $16.4 billion, as principal repayments exceeded disbursements, BSP officer-in-charge Chuchi Fonacier said in a statement.
announced that as of end-September 2017, outstanding loans granted by FCDUs of banks stood at US$15.0 billion, up by US$990 million (7.1 percent) from the end-June 2017 level of US$14.0 billion.
FCDU loans by borrower represent foreign currency-denominated loans granted by FCDUs to various sectors of the economy.
FCDU deposit liabilities, on the other hand, increased by US$2.2 billion or 6.8 percent from US$32.4 billion in December 2015 to US$34.7 billion in March 2016, with the bulk (97.2 percent) still held by residents, thereby essentially constituting additional buffer to the country's gross international reserves.
FCDU deposit liabilities likewise decreased by $796 million to $38.4 billion from last quarter's $39.2 billion level, with the bulk (96.8 percent) continuing to be held by residents.
Loans to resident borrowers represented 70.8 percent (US$8.6 billion) of total outstanding FCDU loans, with the following sectors/industries as major beneficiaries: public utility firms (US$1.2 billion or 9.8 percent of total), producers/manufacturers, including oil companies (US$1.0 billion or 8.3 percent of total), merchandise and service exporters (US$2.7 billion or 22.2 percent of total), management/holding and stock brokerage (US$0.5 billion or 3.9 percent of total) and towing, tanker, trucking, forwarding, personal & other individuals (US$2.6 billion or 21.2 percent of total).
Espenilla said outstanding loans granted by foreign currency deposit units (FCDU) of banks rose 7.3 percent to $16.1 billion as of end-September from $15 billion in end-September last year.