FCEDFamilies and Children for Empowerment and Development (Philippines; est. 1987)
FCEDForest City Economic Development (est. 1956; Forest City, IA)
FCEDFlorida Council of Engineering Deans
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The newspaper ecobags created by Servathon volunteers will be sold by FCED to bazaars, partner organizations and communities, where proceeds become part of funds for their scholars.
In families with classic mature onset FCED, associations with abnormalities at a number of specific chromosome loci and mutations in known genes have been identified.
Guttae (from the Latin gutta for 'drop') on the corneal endothelium are the characteristic first sign of FCED. In early cases, patients are asymptomatic and may remain so for many years.
Of course it is not guttae themselves but reduced endothelial cell density (ECD) and secondary loss of pump-function that is the primary cause for visual loss in FCED. It is not clear whether the reduction of corneal endothelial cell numbers and loss of function is secondary to the Descemet's membrane changes, occurs independently or is a mixture of both.
Patients with FCED have abnormal types of collagen in their Descemet's membrane and endothelial cells also show changes in specific proteins and enzymes concerned with cell function and cell-death.
Cataract surgery results in inevitable progression of FCED. An already compromised endothelium is placed under stress during the operation by ultrasound from the phacoemulsification probe, fluid flow and physical trauma.
When patients present with cataract and FCED, it is often difficult to ascertain how much of the symptoms are due to each pathology.
As FCED progresses further, best-corrected vision will deteriorate such that it remains reduced all day.
Barrios, FCED livelihood coordinator, said bag-making was just one of several income-generating skills she had taught women in about 35 barangay (villages) in Manila.
To prepare for their day of bag-making with the FCED women beneficiaries, Sianturi said Citi volunteers conducted a newspaper recycling drive to collect enough materials for their almost day-long activity.
The bags made by Citi volunteers would be sold and the money used by FCED to help fund its livelihood projects for women.
Aside from shopping bags, CHAP and FCED beneficiaries also turn old newspapers and other discarded paper into wine caddies, tissue holders, coin purses and cellular phone cases.