FCEVFuel Cell Electric Vehicle
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Because FCEVs have the same cruising range (about 500km) and refuelling time (three to five minutes) as conventional petrol cars, the locations of stations can be stretched across the country.
Kia's FCEV will feature a fuel stack similar in size to a 2.
Honda claims it will begin FCEV sales in 2016, after unveiling its FCV CONCEPT--the world's first fuel cell sedan with the entire powertrain, including the fuel cell stack, located under the vehicle's hood.
Of all of the new stars, the hydrogenpowered FCEV is the most outrageous.
They include advanced technology development in the shape of the FCEV Concept, which will be making its first European appearance.
At Honda's stand in Detroit, the focus was on the brand's new Fit subcompact and a futuristic fuel-cell car called the FCEV.
show, Tetsuo Iwamura, president and CEO of American Honda, introduced the concept version of the FCX Clarity successor, the FCEV, which Honda says it will be bringing to market in 2015.
When Toyota FCV becomes a reality, the car will rival the Honda FCEV concept, which is also expected to mark its entry in 2015.
Looking straight out of a sci-fi film, the new FCEV concept supposedly seats five and has a range of nearly 500 km.
The Korean brand has become a leader in the development of hydrogen fuel cell technology since the introduction of the Santa Fe FCEV in 2000 and in January became the world's first automaker to begin assembly-line production of zero-emission, hydrogen-powered vehicles.