FCFAFédération des Communautés Francophones et Acadienne (Canada)
FCFAFuture Climate for Africa (Cape Town, South Africa)
FCFAFlorida Contraband Forfeiture Act
FCFAFederació Catalana de Futbol Americà (Catalan: Catalan Federation of American Football; Barcelona, Spain)
FCFAFranc Communauté Financière Africaine
FCFAForeign Currency Fluctuation Account
FCFAFriends of the Center for the Arts
FCFAFree and Clear Foundations of America, Inc.
FCFAFree Cash Flow, Annual
FCFAFellow Cookery Food Association
FCFAfuel cladding failure accident
FCFAFlorida Communications Fraud Act
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86) Because the statistical reports from Cameroon indicate that most commercial operators are well below the fifteen million FCFA threshold, as are the vast majority of our pilot sample, the discussion that follows assumes that the discharge tax is applicable.
FCFA, a unit of First Commonwealth Financial Corp (NYSE:FCF), is an investment advisor with more than USD2bn (EUR1.
At the time of the survey (2006-2007), subsidized prices were fixed at 3,000 FCFA (circa U.
FCFA, "Vers une reforme du Senat : de quoi inquieter la FCFA".
FCFA = FCF - Despesas Financeiras - Amortizacao de Divida + Novas emissoes de Divida (2)
La FCFA du Canada, organisme regroupant les associations francophones provinciales, a mene un exercice de reflexion sur l'avenir des communautes francophones en situation minoritaire.
Critiecs say that FCFA has worked so poorly because the 50,000 procurement employees who actually do the shopping have little incentive to buy green.
Additional revenue recollection: Customs has recollected an additional FCFA 4 billion (approximately USD 7 million) extra cash during the period under review since the beginning of the project
Specifically, under this operation, on fiscal policy, the elimination of several VAT exemptions will bring a gain of FCFA 18 billion in 2018.
On a appris que MAC SA, pilote par Mourad Ben Chaabane, qui preside aussi la Bourse de Tunis depuis le 18 mai 2017, prendra donc la direction de la Cote d'Ivoire, siege de la BRVM, avec dans sa besace un capital social de 150 millions FCFA (230.