FCFCFirst Character Forms Control
FCFCFirstCity Financial Corporation (Waco, Texas)
FCFCFamily and Children First Council (community planning partnership; OH)
FCFCFédération des Cascadeurs Français du Cinéma (French: French Cinema Stuntmen Federation)
FCFCFootball Club Féminin de Colombes (French football club)
FCFCFree Churches Federal Council (UK)
FCFCFamily and Children Faith Coalition
FCFCFaith Christian Fellowship Church (various locations)
FCFCForum of Collective Forms of Cooperation (India)
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The FCFC denied at the time that it had violated the act.
Shares of FCFC common stock outstanding at the time of the merger were converted into the right to receive merger consideration paid in cash.
Lin De-yu, director of the county government's Department of Information, called on the FCFC labor union to handle the issue peacefully and rationally.
China's credit-tightening measure, the European debt crisis and the heavy floods in Thailand have made FPC, Nan Ya and FCFC take a conservative attitude toward their operations in the fourth quarter of this year.
FCFC mainly rolls out petrochemicals and chemical-fibers as PTA (purified terephthalic acid) and PS (polystyrene), with FPC mainly producing petrochemicals and plastics as PP (polypropylene), PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and AE (acrylic ester).
FCFC was the group's most profitable firm by posting NT$3.
23% from the preceding month, with FCFC president F.
In addition to PTA and EG, FCFC is also enjoying hot sales of acetone, accounting for 34% of the company's total sales.
As FCFC can usually meet its sales projection, market insiders are upbeat about Taiwan's outlook on the chemical-fiber sector in 2011.
Nan Ya saw a 149% year-on-year growth in 2010 earnings and FCFC and FPC posted 61.
Of them, FPC, Nan Ya, FCFC, FPCC each has resolved to release 1.
803 billion because of smooth resumption of operations of its ethylene plant, which will benefit FPC, Nan Ya and FCFC as they have cross shareholdings.