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FCFFFull Contact Fighting Federation (mixed martial arts)
FCFFFootball Club Falleron Froidfond (French football club)
FCFFFinal Cut Film Festival
FCFFFilipino Chinese Firefighters Foundation (Davao City, Philippines)
FCFFFirst Coast Fly Fishers (fly fishing club)
FCFFFight the Communists; Fight the Fascists (saying)
FCFFFair Campaign Financing Fund (Maryland)
FCFFFree Cash Flow to the total Firm (financial analysis)
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EBIT, EBITDA, FCFF, TA, R and PBT each achieved the highest degree of valuation precision in one sector.
The way those formulas work will be illustrated with an example, in which free cash flows will be calculated as FCFF and FCFE.
FCFF covers the resources generated by an enterprise or project, which will be available to all financing parties, both owners and those who provide loan equity at appropriate interest rate.
O valor da empresa, ou seja, o valor do capital proprio estimado, calculado pelo metodo do FCFF e, portanto, de R$ 1.
Os resultados encontrados pelos metodos FCFF, APV e FCFE e pelo modelo RI, assim como o valor ajustado a 100% do capital proprio, estao mostrados na Tabela 2 e na Figura 1.
Overall sample FCFF and its components in pre- and post-listing periods are depicted in Chart 1, below.
Scrutiny of the results suggests that overall FCFF varied insignificantly at the three year post listing point from the position which had been exhibited in the year prior to listing.
As diferencas entre o FCFF e FCFA advem primariamente dos fluxos de caixa associados com divida--pagamentos de juros, pagamento de principal e novos endividamentos--e outros direitos nao relacionados ao patrimonio, como dividendos preferenciais (no caso norte americano (5)).
1] = Expected FCFF next year WACC = Weighted average cost of capital [g.
It is calculated by taking FCFF and adding/ deducting debt capital movements and interest paid.
The FCFF is an amateur mixed-martial arts promotion owned by former UO wrestlers Chael Sonnen and Kevin Keeney and soaring in popularity among West Coast amateur fighters.
We expect FCFF to remain positive in our forecast period (2012-20E), and Transneft should enjoy high free cash flows to equity (FCFE), creating the opportunity to pay higher dividends.