FCFIFellowship of Christian Farmers International
FCFIFriendly Care Foundation, Inc.
FCFIFaith Christian Fellowship International
FCFIFamily Caregiving Factors Inventory
FCFIFirst Coast Fleet, Inc.
FCFIFoundations of Complex Financial Institutions (certificate)
FCFIFellow, Clothing and Footwear Institute
FCFIFirst Canadian Funds, Inc.
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Members that received medals or awards during 2010 included Mr Aloke Goyal CText FTI, India; Mr Peter W Butcher CText FTI, UK; Dr Joe Cunning, USA; Dr Gerry J Mauretti CText FTI, USA; Professor Richard Murray CText ATI, UK; Professor Xiao-Ming Tao CText FTI, Hong Kong; Professor Frank Ko, Canada; Professor Misako Niwa CText FTI, Japan; Lord Simon Haskel CText ATI Comp TI, UK; Professor John WS Hearle CText FTI (Hon), UK; Professor Ron Postle CText FTI, Australia; Ms Angela Peers CText FTI FCFI, UK; Dr Sailen K Chaudhuri CText FTI, India; Ms Jennifer P Bougourd CText FTI FCFI, UK; Mr MNA Chisti CText ATI, Pakistan; Dr Rohana U Kuruppu CText FTI FCFI, Sri Lanka; and two posthumous awards were given to Mr Donald West CText FTI, UK and Mr Kayser Sung CText FTI FCFI Comp TI, Hong Kong.
which was sold on November 30, 2010, to FCFI Acquisitions LLC, a single-purpose entity owned by several investment funds managed by Fortress Investment Group, LLC.
Text FTI, FCFI is the head of Apparel Solutions, which provides independent assistance to the apparel industry in the areas of manufacturing methods, industrial engineering, information technology, quick response, etc.