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FCFSFirst Come First Served
FCFSFirst Cash Financial Services (est. 1988; Arlington, TX)
FCFSFibre Channel Framing and Signaling
FCFSFederació Catalana de Futbol Sala (Spanish: Catalan Federation of Indoor Soccer)
FCFSFederation of Child and Family Services (now Federation of Community Social Services of British Columbia; Canada)
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Ironically, it was Manmohan Singh's file noting, objecting to FCFS methodology for allocating the spectrum, which formed the basis for Rai to attack Singh and his Government.
i] + 1, which has the largest number of recharge requests among the previous assumptions assuming the arrangement of recharging requests under the principle of FCFS or SAJF.
A two server Poisson Queue Operating under FCFS Discipline with an 'm' Policy, Singapore SG 18: 1.
The FCFS and EDF approaches are used for packet transmission to the next level.
One server and FCFS service discipline are assumed for the system model, while at the same time the population of the system is finite.
These models are limited to FCFS, Poisson failure and exponential service times, similar to METRIC--based models.
In contrast, under FCFS method, data only needs to be processed without undergoing any priority check as well as no throughput gain.
States and policies of the Q-learning algorithm for yard crane scheduling State State criteria FCFS UT NT Dummy state No waiting yard trailer 0 0 0 Dummy state One waiting yard trailer 0 0 0 1 0[less than or equal to] Q(1, 1) Q(1, 2) Q(1, 3) AVT <mxEMPT 2 mxEMPT [less than or Q(2, 1) Q(2, 2) Q(2, 3) equal to] AVT <2xmxEMPT 3 2xmxEMPT [less than or Q(3, 1) Q(3, 2) Q(3, 3) equal to] AVT <3xmxEMPT 4 3xmxEMPT [less than or Q(4, 1) Q(4, 2) Q(4, 3) equal to] AVT <4xmxEMPT 5 4xmxEMPT [less than or Q(5, 1) Q(5, 2) Q(5, 3) equal to] AVT <5xmxEMPT 6 5xmxEMPT [less than Q(6, 1) Q(6, 2) Q(6, 3) or equal to] AVT AVT: the average waiting time of yard trailers; m: multiple Table 2.
It is observed that the performance of bi-directional paths are better in case of mixed nature of machine sequence and its performance is found to be better for FCFS rule.
These four policies are the FCFS, look-ahead, minimum processing time, and minimum total time policies.
In order to minimize the number of different sets of merged policies to be evaluated, we fix this class of policy to FCFS for every evaluated schema.
Moreover, Lewis characterizes Corinne's genius as emanating from within, a la Shelley in A Defence of Poetry, whereas other scholars, including myself, have argued elsewhere that it is imposed more generally from without--she seems to be inhabited by other forces when she takes the stage, described in terms that evoke the Cumaean Sibyl and the Prophets of the Old Testament ("A Genius for the Modern Era: Madame de Stael's Corinne," FCFS 30: 3-4 and "Articulating Balzac's Genius at the Crossroads of the Nineteenth Century," Excavatio 16: 1-2).