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FCFSFirst Come First Served
FCFSFirst Cash Financial Services (est. 1988; Arlington, TX)
FCFSFederation of Child and Family Services (now Federation of Community Social Services of British Columbia; Canada)
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These models are limited to FCFS, Poisson failure and exponential service times, similar to METRIC--based models.
Table 2 General Queuing Network Models Source Queuing Environment Description Jackson [1963] Poisson arrival, Under the product--form exponential service structure, the system is times, multi--stages, solved by analyzing each FCFS, open queuing node separately and then network, exact analysis the results are combined.
States and policies of the Q-learning algorithm for yard crane scheduling State State criteria FCFS UT NT Dummy state No waiting yard trailer 0 0 0 Dummy state One waiting yard trailer 0 0 0 1 0[less than or equal to] Q(1, 1) Q(1, 2) Q(1, 3) AVT <mxEMPT 2 mxEMPT [less than or Q(2, 1) Q(2, 2) Q(2, 3) equal to] AVT <2xmxEMPT 3 2xmxEMPT [less than or Q(3, 1) Q(3, 2) Q(3, 3) equal to] AVT <3xmxEMPT 4 3xmxEMPT [less than or Q(4, 1) Q(4, 2) Q(4, 3) equal to] AVT <4xmxEMPT 5 4xmxEMPT [less than or Q(5, 1) Q(5, 2) Q(5, 3) equal to] AVT <5xmxEMPT 6 5xmxEMPT [less than Q(6, 1) Q(6, 2) Q(6, 3) or equal to] AVT AVT: the average waiting time of yard trailers; m: multiple Table 2.
It is observed that the performance of bi-directional paths are better in case of mixed nature of machine sequence and its performance is found to be better for FCFS rule.
These four policies are the FCFS, look-ahead, minimum processing time, and minimum total time policies.
MPL Node Job Job [less than Selection Selection Order or equal to] Basic Normal JFirst FCFS 1 Normal Normal JFirst FCFS 4 Unifrm Light Uniform JFirst FCFS 4 Unifrm Hard Uniform JFirst FCFS 4 2DBackfill Normal Backfill FCFS 1 3DBackfilling- Uniform Backfill FCFS 4 Light 3DBackfilling- Uniform Backfill FCFS 4 Hard
Making this argument, the presentation does not state anywhere that, in effect, FCFS was announced for the allocation of spectrum for basic service operators or fixed line companies in 2001.
The one- man panel said Shourie did not notify the FCFS basis for allocating spectrum during his tenure.
Prior to January 7, 2008, the date of receipt of application in DoT was reckoned for the purpose of FCFS and after January 7, 2008, the date of compliance of LoI ( letter of intent) was reckoned for the purposes of FCFS.
Dana Ludlum, KidsPeace Elmsford FCFS Program Manager, said, "I am excited by the response of the community to the new program, and hopeful that in partnership with local foster parents and other community organizations, KidsPeace can make a real difference in the lives of kids in foster care.