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FCFSFirst Come First Served
FCFSFirst Cash Financial Services (est. 1988; Arlington, TX)
FCFSFibre Channel Framing and Signaling
FCFSFederació Catalana de Futbol Sala (Spanish: Catalan Federation of Indoor Soccer)
FCFSFederation of Child and Family Services (now Federation of Community Social Services of British Columbia; Canada)
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-- Consistent post-dividend FCF margins in the low/mid-teens as a percentage of revenue.
This is on the grounds that, we consider the waiting time of the Round robin and FCFS in theoretical analysis, which occurred in the queuing system to process the job.
Metodo Pedidos Pedidos Proporcao de atendidos no atendidos atraso prazo com atraso FCFS 92,00 33,00 26% SPT 98,00 27,00 22% EDD 115,00 10,00 8% LCC 89,00 36,00 29% Fonte: Os Autores.
It now transpires from the court ruling that Manmohan Singh was later kept in the dark of a decision of Raja's ministry to go ahead with FCFS. The court while rapping then PMO officials Pulok Chaterjee and T K A Nair for keeping Manmohan Singh in the dark of Raja's decision has given a clean chit to Singh over the decision not to hold auctions for allocating the 2G spectrum.
The process presented in this work is based on FCFS during taking off and on deadline monotonic during landing.
Here, to further confirm the role of Ruvbl1 as the potential inhibitor for cardiac reprogramming, we assessed iCM generation from ExCFs and fCFs by flow cytometry and ICC staining.
Although FCFS is currently the only strategy implemented in PULSim, users can customise and integrate their own dispatching algorithms into the dispatching process.
It can be seen that with the increase of the overall delay time, the B&B scheduling strategy will gradually demonstrate its superiority over the FCFS algorithm.
Some previous studies assumed that the MC recharges the nodes through the FCFS technique, which has been extensively examined by the queuing theory community [29], SAJF, or both [22].
The Little's formula didn't satisfy the case of multi-server queueing systems due to the violation of 'First Come First Serve (FCFS)' rule.
Although some related researches proposed traffic control model in autonomous vehicle environment, the control algorithm is mainly on the basis of first-come-first-served (FCFS) algorithm [24], and the optimized object is focused on every single vehicle [25, 26] and thus has limited optimization effects.