FCFTFairfax County Federation of Teachers (Springfield, VA)
FCFTFonds de Compensation de la Fiscalité Transférée (French: Taxation Transferred Compensation Fund)
FCFTFayette Coweta Family Theatre (est. 2000; Georgia)
FCFTFixed Cost, Fixed Time
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Context-focused approach evolved from the FCFT. Context therapy shares similar principles with other therapy approaches like functional, task-oriented or activity-focused interventions such as family involvement in assessment and intervention protocols, identification of functionally relevant goals.
(FCFT) in Taiwan; while DSM recently remitted in NT$1.7 billion (US$54.84 million) to expand the capitalization of its firm in Taiwan; and Ampower invested another NT$600 million (US$19.36 million) in its high-tech firm to produce electronic parts.