FCGRFatigue Crack Growth Rate
FCGRFootball Club Gironde la Réole (French football club)
FCGRImmunoglobulin G Fc Receptor II
FCGRFundamental Classification Guide Review (National Reconnaissance Office; US DoD)
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For Type A, the FCGR in Region 2 may be higher in hydrogen environments, compared to the rate in inert or air environments.
The FCGR were determined over stress intensity ranges between 20 MPa [m.
The FCGR at low [DELTA]K ([approximately equal to] 22 MPa [m.
Figure 6 shows the effect of R on FCGR for X42 steel at a [DELTA]K of 10 MPa [m.
Crack closure can retard FCGR through bridging of the cracked surface around surface asperities from corrosion products, second phase particles or the crack fracture surface itself.
It was found that the ratio of FCGR in hydrogen to that in nitrogen increased as a power function (power of 0.
6 showed that FCGR in hydrogen were not heavily influenced at these low stress ratios.
The research already undertaken in regard to new drugs has also allowed Arthron to file two new patent applications, one covering a "second generation" of drugs, and the other the use of a mouse carrying the human FcgR that makes it a suitable model for testing of the drugs.
Researchers will evaluate FCGR genotypes and their association with pathological and clinical response to Herceptin therapy.
This collaboration will enable us to expand our knowledge of the role of FCGR and other inherited genetic variants of immune response as they impact the use of monoclonal antibody therapies in cancer.
The impact of FCGR3A and other genes in the FCGR gene family for optimizing treatment of lymphomas, breast, and colorectal cancers with rituximab, trastuzumab, cetuximab and other recombinant mAbs was the focus of the MAb IMPACT meeting of oncology experts, held in November 2008 in Tours, France.
Clinical evidence demonstrating the importance of FCGR variants in predicting the efficacy of monoclonal antibody-based cancer therapies continues to grow, and augments our own efforts related to IgG1 antibody response," said Carol R.