FCGSFibre Channel Generic Services
FCGSFranche-Comté Groupe Sud (French biker club)
FCGSFuneral Consumer Guardian Society (New Albany, IN)
FCGSFour Corners Geological Society (Durango, CO)
FCGSFranklin County Genealogical Society (Ottawa, KS)
FCGSFuture Generation Computer Systems
FCGSFellowship of Christian Graduate Students (various locations)
FCGSFederal Construction Guide Specification
FCGSFreight Classification Guide System
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The study concluded that cats with FCGS were more likely to live in shared households and the risk of FCGS correlates with the number of cohabiting cats, supporting the belief that FCGS may be infectious.
(6), correspond to the highest [DELTA]K of 0.1 and 0.4 R-ratio FCGs are 330 and 190 [micro]m, respectively.
On the other hand, the da/dt versus C* plots for FCGs at both R = 0.1 and 0.4 locates on the same location.
With the fracture mechanics approach, fatigue life of engineering part can be predicted by fatigue crack growth (FCG) curve, i.e.
The four main grants discussed in this paper, paid monthly in 2007, include the old age pension grant (OAP), the child support grant (CSG), the disability grant (DG) and the foster care grant (FCG)
The FCG is R620 (US $82) for orphans/children at risk, between 0 and 18 years, and can be extended to 21.
The FCG, also for children, three times the amount of the CSG, is for non-biological parents, and constitutes only 3% of the total recipients.
Once the optimal armature wall thickness was determined, magnetic flux compression experiments were performed with simple helical FCGs. These generators used 32- and 64-turn stators with an i.d.
The first explosive experiments performed in support of the HPM compact explosive pulsed power program involved the detonation of armatures, which compress the seed magnetic flux within the FCG. These armatures consisted of 6.4-cm i.d.
Interferon may be an appropriate treatment for FCGS related to feline calicivirus infection.
The device most commonly used for this purpose is a high-voltage capacitor bank, although small magneto-hydrodynamic generators, homopolar generators and smaller FCGs could also be used for this purpose.
The explosively pumped FCG is a mature technology, first demonstrated in the late 1950s by C.M.