FCGSFibre Channel Generic Services
FCGSFranche-Comté Groupe Sud (French biker club)
FCGSFuneral Consumer Guardian Society (New Albany, IN)
FCGSFour Corners Geological Society (Durango, CO)
FCGSFranklin County Genealogical Society (Ottawa, KS)
FCGSFuture Generation Computer Systems
FCGSFellowship of Christian Graduate Students (various locations)
FCGSFederal Construction Guide Specification
FCGSFreight Classification Guide System
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Interferon is a protein produced by animals to fight virus infections, and investigators examined the potential of this substance--which can be produced artificially and given orally--to treat FCGS.
Interferon may be an appropriate treatment for FCGS related to feline calicivirus infection.
I began to receive draft outlines of the FCGS project in mid-1981.