FCHPFallon Community Health Plan (Worcester, Massachusetts.
FCHPFully Capitated Health Plan
FCHPFinnish Centre for Health Promotion (Helsinki, Finland)
FCHPFlorida Certified Horticulture Professional
FCHPFundación Colombiana de Hipertensión Pulmonar (Colombia)
FCHPFederation Cultural and Heritage Projects (Australia)
FCHPFixed-Conductance Heat Pipe
FCHPFeedback Controlled Heat Pipe
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Each HPO must complete a half day of training under the supervision of at least one of the FCHP Army audiologists.
Fallon physicians now see patients with multiple forms of insurance including Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, FCHP, CIGNA, Private Health Care Systems and others.
The computerized management information system of FCHP contains records on utilization of all health care services and prescriptions filled, collected as part of routine fiscal activities.
Fallon Total Care leverages the leadership and clinical expertise across both FCHP and Magellan to provide a comprehensive, collaborative and integrated model of care to meet the needs of individuals under the age of 65 who are eligible for both Medicare and Medicaid.
FCHP and Magellan hope to help make this demonstration program a success," said Patrick Hughes, FCHP President and CEO.
Organizations in need of hunger relief assistance are asked to contact FCHP at (508) 368-9345 or carrie.
In 2002, FCHP pioneered the use of limited network products that offer savings of at least 12 percent over the premium price of broader network products by utilizing the best community providers and the most appropriate health care settings, particularly for routine tests and procedures.
FCHP also operates a Senior Care Options plan, called NaviCare, which similarly provides all-inclusive care to seniors who are eligible for both Medicare and Medicaid.
The critical components of the FCHP "Home Run Program" that keeps these patients in their home and improves their functional living status
FCHP also has consistently maintained excellent accreditation status for its Private, Medicaid and Medicare Advantage products, and is the only Massachusetts health plan to be accredited across all three lines.
The Catasys([R]) program provides eligible FCHP members access to a comprehensive program including integrated medical and psychosocial interventions, care coaching and on-line tools with the goal of achieving long-term recovery success.
25 at the FCHP Information Center, Route 9, White City Plaza, Shrewsbury.