FCHVFuel Cell (and battery pack) Hybrid Vehicle
FCHVFuel Cell Hybrid Vehicle (Toyota)
FCHVFuel Cell Hybrid Vehicle
FCHVFemale Community Health Volunteer
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Every MG had one FCHV selected by the members, except for some study sites (both urban and rural), where 14-40 FCHVs were reported per ward to serve a larger number of households or a large geographical area.
List of Abbreviations ANC: Antenatal care TT: Tetanus Toxoid SES: Socio Economic Status SPSS: Statistical Package for Social Science FCHV: Female Community Health Volunteers WHO: World Health Organization.
One of the vehicle objectives is to reduce the fuel consumption; namely, it is to reduce hydrogen consuming as far as the FCHV is concerned.
Female Community Health Volunteers (FCHVs) have also been mobilized to supply iron tablets to pregnant women under the Iron Supplementation Program (5).
(2) building upon good community mobilisation and improving awareness; potential strategies include FCHV help with primary care case notification, wider participation in vector control activities, and the quick mobilisation of community response teams.
The female community health volunteers (FCHVs) facilitated these meetings.
Community mobilization: Community groups, such as HFMC members, FCHV, MAP groups, and social workers, were mobilized to disseminate the comprehensive FIE' information including IUCD described earlier.
Later that year, Toyota delivered the United States' first fuel cell hybrid vehicle, the Toyota FCHV, to the fuel cell research center.
Toyota Motor Corporation recently announced that its improved fuel cell hybrid vehicle (FCHV) has been granted vehicle type certification under the Road Vehicles Act, as amended and enacted on March 31, by Japan's Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (MLIT).
OVERALL EFFICIENCY WELL-TO-TANK TANK-TO-WHEEL OVERALL (WELL-TO-WHEEL) (fuel production (vehicle EFFICIENCY (%) efficiency) efficiency) (Well-to-Tank X (%) (%) Tank-to-Wheel) DIESEL 82 23 19 GASOLINE 79 16 18 HYBRID (gasoline) TOYOTA PRIUS WITH HSD 79 37 29 HYDROGEN FUEL CELL (compressed hydrogen) 58 38 22 HYDROGEN FUEL CELL HYBRID (Toyota FCHV compressed hydrogen) 58 50 29 TOYOTA FCHV TARGET 70 60 42
Not surprisingly, given the automaker's focus on hybrid technology, the gas-electric hybrid Prius registered the lowest score of 67, compared to 100 for pure gasoline vehicles like the Corolla, with the fuel ceil-powered FCHV failing in between at 80.
Stuart said it plans to showcase Toyota's prototype hydrogen fuel cell vehicle the Highlander FCHV and the Stuart Energy Station (SES), a renewable, water electrolysis-based hydrogen station that converts solar electricity into stored hydrogen energy.