FCHVFuel Cell (and battery pack) Hybrid Vehicle
FCHVFuel Cell Hybrid Vehicle (Toyota)
FCHVFuel Cell Hybrid Vehicle
FCHVFemale Community Health Volunteer
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The FCHV weighs the neonate, records the birth, encourages the mother to register the birth with the VDC, and counsels on essential newborn care (ENC).
Community mobilization: Community groups, such as HFMC members, FCHV, MAP groups, and social workers, were mobilized to disseminate the comprehensive FIE' information including IUCD described earlier.
2] emissions from fuel production, hydrogen for the FCHV accounts for a 43 percent share compared to 8 percent for gasoline and diesel fuel (see Table 2).
Toyota believes test-marketing an FCHV will contribute greatly towards greater market acceptance of hydrogen as a fuel.
Although the FCHVs were encouraged to promote the BPP messages through home-visits, these visits are not part of the job description of the FCHV, and some FCHVs were reluctant to perform this task.
Japanese news service Kyodo recently reported that officials with Toyota Motor Corporation have revealed that the automaker will recall 14 leased FCHV fuel cell vehicles for free repair due to a hydrogen fuel leak discovered in one of the vehicles last month.
Adopted lot the air conditioner in Toyota's fuel cell vehicle, the FCHV, the system has potential to cut C[O.
It debuted in Toyota's fuel cell hybrid vehicle FCHV.
2] an conditioning system the Denso supplies on Toyota's FCHV, a world first.
Since no FCHV had maintained a written record, descriptions of family-planning services provided by them prior to the intervention were based on their verbal reports.
Featured vehicles include Daimler F-Cell, Chevy Equinox, Honda Clarity, Toyota FCHV and the Hyundai Tucson.
But several officials familiar with the negotiations said Toyota likely also waded through the same hurdles to obtain approval for its FCHV since both Japanese and foreign automakers are obliged to meet the taxing requirements for a test run on public roads.