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FCIAFibre Channel Industry Association
FCIAFirestop Contractors International Association
FCIAForeign Credit Insurance Association
FCIAFoster Care Independence Act of 1999 (US DHHS)
FCIAFine Chocolate Industry Association (Seattle, WA)
FCIAFellow of Canadian Institute of Actuaries
FCIAFuzhou Changle International Airport (China)
FCIAFirst Commonwealth Insurance Agency, Inc. (Indiana, PA)
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Other features of the new standard include what FCIA called "forward
With support from the FCIA, FCoE products are available in the marketplace from all major server, storage and networking companies.
To answer this, it must first be clarified that when the FCIA ratified 8Gb/s Fibre Channel (aka "8GFC") for copper storage device interconnects they were talking about accepting 8Gb/s inside the disk enclosure and between storage arrays (disk or tape).
Tom Hammond-Doel, FCIA secretary said, "Fibre Channel networks are typically held to a higher standard because of the critical path nature of the components.
Exporters can obtain FCIA policies through their local insurance brokers or contact the FCIA directly at 40 Rector Street, New York, New York 10006.
The Fibre Channel Industry Association and the University of New Hampshire have conducted more than 35 plugfests over 15 years of testing Fibre Channel technologies," said Skip Jones, FCIA Chairman, QLogic.
For more information on FCIA, please visit their website:
I commend and applaud the efforts of these vendors," says David Deming, FCIA president, interoperability chair, and president of Solution Technology.
The newly elected members of the 2012/2013 FCIA Board of Directors are:
With support from the FCIA, FCoE products are becoming available in the marketplace at a rapid pace from all major server, storage and networking companies.
The FCIA made the right choice in embracing 4Gb as the next performance standard for Fibre Channel fabrics.
Endorsed by the FCIA, the Plugfest provided a forum where leading Fibre Channel vendors came together to collaborate on their respective FCoE and 16GFC products to ensure both interoperability and configurability between vendors.