FCIDFibre Channel Id
FCIDFood Commodity Intake Database (USDA and US EPA)
FCIDFischi Christian Ingénierie Déconstruction (French engineering company)
FCIDFuel Cycle and Isotopes Division (Oak Ridge National Laboratory; US Department of Energy)
FCIDFond de Co-Investissement Direct (French: Co-Investment Direct Fund)
FCIDFunctional Configuration Identification
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The FCID alleged that the suspect had misappropriated the concerned amount committed during the purchase of a building to house the Sri Lankan embassy at 3025, White Haven Street, Washington 20008.
As such, this study will focus primarily on FCID as this particular type of ipsative data is both the most common type of ipsative data found in employee selection instruments, and has unique properties that have not previously been discussed.
It is ironic that the FCID unit has become an obstacle to government's day to day activities.
The consumer-only intake rate for turkey in baby food was derived similarly among participants age 4-30 months using the FCID commodity code 5000382001, "Turkey, meat-babyfood.
The most recent FCID (FCID 2005-2010) has been updated to the previous NHANES data cycle (2009-2010) but does not include food items added to the 2011-2012 NHANES dietary data.
Department of Agriculture food codes, because no FCID code exists for cereal, and were analyzed in grams/kilogram body weight/day.
In this application, the petitioner had cited the OIC of FCID (Unit 7), the Director of FCID and the Attorney General as respondents.
Otherwise, the model applied the FCID recipe files to the NHANES food items and randomly selected a residue for each of the RAC ingredients according to the recipe (Figure 1, step 2).
Weerawansa was arrested by the FCID on January 10 under Public Property Act charges.
2 million credited to his Bank of Ceylon current account from across the country, a FCID investigation has revealed.
2 -- Colombo Chief Magistrate Lal Bandara, yesterday allowed Vinayagamoorthy Mularithan alias Karuna Amman to report to the FCID, once a month every last Sunday, instead of once a week.