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FCIPFlip Chip in Package
FCIPFibre Channel over Ip
FCIPFederal Career Intern Program
FCIPFibre Channel over Internet Protocol
FCIPFellow, Chartered Insurance Professional
FCIPFar Cry Instincts: Predator (gaming)
FCIPFormation Continue des Adultes et de l'Insertion Professionnelle (French: Adult Continuing Education and Professional Integration)
FCIPForeign Counterintelligence Program
FCIPFederal Crime Insurance Program (US Federal Insurance Administration)
FCIPField Change Installation Program
FCIPField Cable Installation Platoon
FCIPFranciscan Colleges Instrumental Program
FCIPField Change Improvement Program
FCIPFlemish Centre for International Policy
FCIPFerrocarril de Iquique a Pintados (Spanish, railway)
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Full Circle Capital closed its first series of FCIP on June 17, 2014, raising approximately USD 5.
Opposing payment limits for the FCIP was a central goal for the IIABA as the farm bill went through the legislative process," says Charles Symington, IIABA senior vice president for external and government affairs.
Additional solutions include FCIP and iFCP, which allow Fibre Channel to be transported across a TCP/IP infrastructure.
The Xgig Analyzer is a fully distributed, blade-based analysis architecture for 1-Gb and 2-Gb Fibre Channel and FCIP storage-area networks.
FCIP works by encapsulating entire Fibre Channel frames in IP packets for transport across TCP/IP links.
FCIP is not a cost center, it is a revenue generator for the U.
In one chassis module it reportedly offers 8 slots for any combination of 4Gb or 10Gb Fibre Channel I/O Blades, iSCSI intelligent storage router I/O blades, FCIP intelligent storage router I/O blades, or storage services platform (SSP) blades.
Rowe, FCIP, CRM is a risk manager for the legal department of the city of St.
At first examination, the introduction of iSCSI and FCIP into the traditional Fibre Channel SAN may seem to argue against the use of virtualization and even pose a threat to Fibre Channel (FC) in general.
Meanwhile, the simpler but more popular FCIP protocol has been adopted by many more suppliers, including Brocade and Cisco.
Cisco is advancing storage networking as a whole, along with the new iSCSI and FCIP protocols that Cisco, ADIC, and other leading storage suppliers are turning into products for the storage market," said Paul Rutherford, ADIC Vice President, Technology.