FCJFormula Challenge Japan (racing)
FCJFonds de Conservation Jeunesse (French: Youth Conservation Fund)
FCJFidèles Compagnes de Jésus (French: Faithful Companions of Jesus)
FCJFoyer Culturel des Jeunes (French: Youth Cultural Household)
FCJFootball Club Javerlhacois (French football club)
FCJFranklin County Jail (Chambersburg, PA)
FCJForeign Criminal Jurisdiction
FCJFine Chemical Japan Co., Ltd. (Tokyo, Japan)
FCJFootball Club Jonquiérois (French football club)
FCJFerrari Club Japan (automobile club; est. 1989)
FCJFaithful Companion of Jesus, Sisters (religious order)
FCJFootball Club Juventus
FCJFull Copper Jacket
FCJFine-needle-Catheter Jejunostomy
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A total of 39,073 bookings into FCJ occurred during the HIV screening project period, representing 31,314 persons, because some persons (17.
FCJ also has primary responsibility for the development and management of industrial and commercial space in the public sector.
Atraves do indice de aceitabilidade verifica-se que o biscoito B1- Sem FCJ obteve melhor aceitacao quanto a cor, aparencia, aroma, sabor, docura e acidez, comparado as demais formulacoes (Tabela 3).
The idea was agreed on after routine annual meetings between FCJ's leadership and Crenshaw, in which they discuss new initiatives for both FCJ and higher education in general, said Erica Striebel, Crenshaw's legislative director.
A program of reading, grammar, geography, arithmetic, French, sacred history, catechism and singing was taught, patterned after the select FCJ convents in France, England and Ireland.
In the same way, the pictures of students and classrooms ask questions about the curriculum and culture of the schools: for example the boys of the science class at Assumption, Kilmore, about 1925, the deportment class at Vaucluse FCJ Convent in 1915, the Eucharistic Festival and several First Communion photos.
27) Between 1883 and 1885 eighteen FCJ sisters, eight English-born, seven Irish-born and three French-born, sailed from Liverpool to Canada.
1 | Upton Hall School FCJ - 65 | Calday Grange Grammar School - 63.
AT the age of 12 Dolores O'Riordan stood up in front of classmates on her first day in Laurel Hill Colaiste FCJ and announced: "I'm going to be a rock star.
Newlands FCJ School, Middlesbrough, had around just half the cash needed to bid for specialist school status.
Bellerive FCJ is an outstanding Catholic College committed to its vision of 'personal and academic excellence.