FCJFormula Challenge Japan (racing)
FCJFonds de Conservation Jeunesse (French: Youth Conservation Fund)
FCJFidèles Compagnes de Jésus (French: Faithful Companions of Jesus)
FCJFoyer Culturel des Jeunes (French: Youth Cultural Household)
FCJFootball Club Javerlhacois (French football club)
FCJFranklin County Jail (Chambersburg, PA)
FCJForeign Criminal Jurisdiction
FCJFine Chemical Japan Co., Ltd. (Tokyo, Japan)
FCJFerrari Club Japan (automobile club; est. 1989)
FCJFootball Club Jonquiérois (French football club)
FCJFaithful Companion of Jesus, Sisters (religious order)
FCJFootball Club Juventus
FCJFull Copper Jacket
FCJFine-needle-Catheter Jejunostomy
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Assim, nao havendo mais solucao amigavel para o caso, e mesmo apos tais procedimentos administrativos (boletins, embargos e aplicacao de multa), em julho de 2004 a FCJ realizou vistoria no local e fez diversas consideracoes ao locatario, para que restaurasse adequadamente o predio.
Jail nursing staff provided opt-out, rapid HIV testing by oral mucosal swab as a standard component of medical services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, except for a 6-week period (June 30-August 15, 2011) after a change in the contractor providing medical services for FCJ, when only limited, conventional HIV testing was available.
“Under the terms of our proposition, FCJ tenants will have access to clean, reliably priced renewable energy, as opposed to each being continually restricted by the unknown price of oil-generated electricity in the future,” says Yeo, from his office in Kingston.
In the final Mari-court meet New-lands Catholic School FCJ, who beat St John Fisher RC School 5-0.
FCJ will be able to implement new innovative delivery methods with a three-year U.S.
I have sent a copy of the Vatican document Jesus Christ, The Bearer of Living Water: A Christian Reflection on the New Age to the FCJ Centre in Calgary, where one of the nuns has a degree in Jungian, by the way, was a former disciple of Sigmund Freud and held, among numerous other beliefs, that Satan was the fourth person of the Trinity).
In the same way, the pictures of students and classrooms ask questions about the curriculum and culture of the schools: for example the boys of the science class at Assumption, Kilmore, about 1925, the deportment class at Vaucluse FCJ Convent in 1915, the Eucharistic Festival and several First Communion photos.
When, in 1882, Mere Josephine Petit, Superior General of the Faithful Companions of Jesus (FCJ), received an invitation from Vital Grandin, the new bishop of Prince Albert, to send sisters to Canada, he emphasized the importance of fluency in English: `You have, I believe, some English sisters, a fact which proves to me that you are the congregation I should appeal to.