FCJSFlower City Jazz Society (Rochester, NY)
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Higgins, Some Memories, presented by Therese de Rance, FCJ, 1 March 1994, at 137 Anniversary of the birth of Philomena Higgins, 5th Superior-General of FCJs, FCJ Archives, Dublin, Ireland.
(4) He became acquainted with the Faithful Companions of Jesus (FCJ) through Vital Grandin, OMI, Bishop of St.
FCJ was one of hundreds of service-oriented congregations established throughout the Catholic world during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries that were for the most part responses to the evangelicalism of the time and the social dislocation that was resulting from wholesale economic change on the continent.
A program of reading, grammar, geography, arithmetic, French, sacred history, catechism and singing was taught, patterned after the select FCJ convents in France, England and Ireland.
Looking to recover the congregation's fortunes, the FCJ Superior-General appointed Irish-born Mother Philomena Higgins as Superior in Brandon, replacing Mother Augustine, who chose to return to England rather than remain in the mission.
(44) While FCJ Superiors were normally at least forty years of age, Mother Philomena was barely thirty in 1887.
Gill & Son, 1882), 2, FCJ Archives, Calgary (hereafter FCJAC).
Mr McGrath, the Merseyside trip co-ordinator and a history teacher at Bellerive, said: "We are very excited to welcome our Australian visitors to Merseyside and we look forward to showing them the best of our city, despite the rain!" Sarndra Kennerley, head of netball at Genazzano, said upon arriving at Bellerive: "We've had an amazing trip so far and even though it's a sporting tour we're also building friendships with other FCJ schools and students around the world.
There are 16 Faithful Companions of Jesus (FCJ) schools all over the world from Canada the USA and Belgium to Ireland, Australia and the UK.
? Lucy Moorcroft from Bellerive FCJ; Clementine Scheffers and Beth Storey, students at Genazzano FCJ in Melbourne; and Bellerive pupil Megan McClaughlin at Anfield