FCLFFootball Club Lalbenque Fontanes (French football club)
FCLFFrederick County Landmarks Foundation (Maryland; landmark preservation society)
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The award is important for Florida's communities as it enables FCLF to support economically disadvantaged communities and finance projects that otherwise could not proceed.
FCLF has financed USD250 million through 250 loans in Florida, making possible over USD850 million in new investments in low-income communities.
To date, FCLF has been awarded a total of USD206 million in NMTC allocation.
FCLF CEO, Ignacio Esteban said, "As a mission-based financial institution, we exist to help capital flow to where it is most needed.
A common vision and a modest investment of USD1,000 in 1995 helped guide FCLF through two decades.
FCLF CEO Ignacio Esteban said, "Our early investors believed in creating a statewide nonprofit that would serve the capital needs of low income communities in Florida.