FCLPField Carrier Landing Practice
FCLPFootball Club Lanhouarneau-Plounévez (French football club)
FCLPFootball Club Landivy Pontmain (French football club)
FCLPFairmont Community Liaison Panel (West Virginia)
FCLPFlow Cost Lowering Problem (logistics)
FCLPFalkirk Council Local Plan (UK)
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Each year, aviators find themselves in an FCLP pattern that was clear on one pass and socked in with no visual cues to the island on the next.
The FCLP was designed to make loan payments more manageable for students, "yet most borrowers are unaware of its existence," said J.
I departed the FCLP pattern and made the short trek back to NAS Jacksonville.
We would rock the Cradle of Naval Aviation while completing FCLPs for our upcoming boat detachment.
Our tower will not release aircraft into the FCLP pattern unless weather is 700/2.
I used my aux radio and prebriefed tac freq to coordinate with the other FCLP pilots leaving Fentress.
Arrival controller failed to deny the request to split-the-duals, knowing FCLPs were in progress on runway 23L
After the FCLP brief, the senior pilot briefed the formation flight.
After a short discussion with the SDO, who concurred with my plan for a field arrestment, we decided to request a visual inspection of my main-landing gear from one of the aircraft in the FCLP pattern on runway 32L, just to confirm the position of the main landing-gear wheels.
The day FCLP went fairly well because the ceiling was high enough to open the pattern, but the winds were gusty and at the edge of SOP limits for the students.
Certainly, a night CAS mission may very well warrant additional mission success or risk assessment when a day FCLP, with the same aircrew, may be acceptable.
While in the FRS in 1995, I was riding in the back of a C-2 as a student during an FCLP hop when I heard a loud noise.