FCMCFootball Club Morangis-Chilly (French sports club)
FCMCFranklin County Municipal Court (Columbus, OH)
FCMCFermière du Casino Municipal de Cannes (French casino)
FCMCFellow Certified Management Consultant
FCMCForest City Military Communities, LLC (Honolulu, HI)
FCMCFuel Control and Monitoring Computer (Airbus Aircrafts)
FCMCFrench Council for the Muslim Cult
FCMCFootball Club Mareuil Caubert
FCMCFinancial and Corporate Management Committee
FCMCFootball Club Marie Curie (French sports club)
FCMCFootball Club Montry-Condé (French sports club)
FCMCFight Club Motorcycle Club (Minneapolis, MN)
FCMCFamily Centered Medical Care
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It also urges FCMC to require banks that take nonresident deposits to adopt stronger AML measures, to inspect banks more frequently, and to punish banks that violate the law.
Instead of the phrase FCMC, they use the term "patient-centered care.
Banking Activities in 3rd Quarter of 2010," FCMC Quarterly report, Latvia, December, www.
FCMC also focuses on environmental sensitivity, emphasizing the use of woods logged by horses, salvaged from dismantled structures, or obtained from logging "leftovers," including burls, crotch wood, and timber considered too small for commercial sawmills.
Both mentioned banks are cooperating with the FCMC and have admitted the identified weaknesses.
Pour rappel, le film [beaucoup moins que]Lala Fathma N'soumer[beaucoup plus grand que] sera projete a l'occasion de l'ouverture du FCMC.
We are very pleased that Jimmy Yan has returned to Franklin, where his expertise in managing recovery operations will be instrumental in Franklin Credit's efforts to attract new clients and to introduce a variety of innovative collection and loss mitigation strategies and services related to re-establishing and maintaining contact with borrowers in a difficult economy,' said Thomas Axon, chairman and president of Franklin Credit Holding and FCMC.
Under Latvian law, foreign politically exposed persons (PEPs) are always subject to enhanced due diligence procedures, but domestic PEPs are not; the Latvian government should adopt the FCMC amendments to change this.
FCMC representatives told LETA that when setting the size of the fine, the regulator took into consideration the bank's financial results, as well as the fact that the bank has admitted its flaws and committed to taking the necessary measures to deal with them and improve its internal control system.
FCMC reports that Latvian banks continue to substantially invest in their IT systems to develop further programs for identifying suspicious activities, especially with regard to high-risk clients.