FCMMMossendjo (airport code; Congo)
FCMMFingers Cut Megamachine (punk band)
FCMMFellowship of Christian Military Ministries
FCMMFilipino Catholic Mission of Montreal (Canada)
FCMMFondation Canadienne des Mines et de la Métallurgie (French: Canadian Foundation of Mining and Metallurgy; Canada)
FCMMFootball Club Morteau Montlebon (French sports club)
FCMMFédération Culturelle Martinéroise des Musulmans (French Muslim cultural federation)
FCMMFootball Club Mutuelle des Motards (French sports club)
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However, FCMM delivered on what has become an increasingly tricky high wire act.
As FCMM grows (and it will grow considerably if Telefilm and SODEC choose it as the new recipient of government funding), a key challenge will be for organizers to maintain this spirit of intimacy and community, something that has sadly been almost completely lost at larger events like TIFF.
Above all, friends of the FCMM, old and new, answered the call without fail and sent their striking and unusual works.