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FCMSFlash Content Management System
FCMSFidelity Capital Markets Services (Fidelity Investments; Boston, MA)
FCMSFranche-Comté Multimédia Services (French computer services)
FCMSFalcon Cove Middle School (Weston, Florida)
FCMSFunctional Configuration Management System
FCMSFailsafe Central Management System (Cyberguard)
FCMSFitness Club Management Software
FCMSFaciocardiomusculoskeletal Syndrome
FCMSFootball Club Montbazillac Sigoulès (French football club)
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As a CQG FCM partner, GAIN offers CQG's suite of trading tools to its customers, administered through CQG's Customer Account Service Tool (CAST), for control over account set-ups, risk settings and other matters.
[9] proposed the penalized FCM (PFCM) algorithm that introduced the neighborhood information penalty term in the objective function of FCM.
Inventory lists of substances for manufacturing FCMs contain several thousands of chemicals, including starting substances like monomers, or production aids, and additives (Neltner et al.
Architecture of FCM. In this study, the use of FCMs is proposed as a technique for speech emotion recognition.
As Part II details, various statutes and CFTC rules that apply to FCMs govern the manner in which FCMs conduct their businesses.
As from 1995, with the institution of the Family Health Program, the specialty received a new boost, and in August 2001 it was decided by an Internet vote to adopt the new name: Family and Community Medicine (FCM) (2).
derivatives and futures markets, trade intermediaries that handle customer assets must be registered with the CFTC as futures commission merchants (FCMs).
Fuzzy cognitive maps (FCMs) are a soft computing methodology introduced by Kosko in 1986 [4] as an extension of cognitive maps, that use the cognitive knowledge of human experts on specific domains by creating causal models as signed/weighted directed graphs of concepts and the various causal relationships that exist between those concepts (Axelrod (1976), Kosko (1986)).
Neutrosophic cognitive maps (NCM) were created by Vasantha & Smarandache [11] as an extension of the Fuzzy Cognitive Maps (FCMs) in which indeterminacy is included using neutrosophic logic.
The FCMs and our counterparties had a logjam of paperwork to deal with, so we were glad we got our foot in the door early." Adds Christensen: "The majority of CDX trades now have to be executed over a SEF and cleared, so the proactive stance we took back in 2010 is really paying off for us."
Fuzzy cognitive maps (FCM) is a tool for modeling and analyzing interrelations [7].