FCNBFirst Consumers National Bank
FCNBFirst Community National Bank (Missouri)
FCNBFamily Centered Neighborhood Based (various locations)
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Anyone who has been approached or targeted to invest through either of these companies is asked to contact the commission toll-free at 1-866-933-2222, or through its website at fcnb.ca/contact.
Learn more about the red flags of fraud and how and where to report fraud, and sign-up to receive alerts about frauds and scams happening in New Brunswick by visiting: fcnb.ca/fraud-alerts.html
Based in Dyersburg, Tenn., FCNB is among the top community banks in the United States.
FCNB is a USD1.2bn FDIC-insured financial institution established in 1889.
"We see identity theft as a growing problem and a concern for our customers," said Brooks McDonald, Bank Insurance Manager, FCNB. "When we made the decision to offer an ID theft protection product, we wanted one that offered comprehensive protection, as the time spent on and headaches of 1D theft resolution often cost customers far more than the direct losses."
Applicant(s) Bank(s) BANKFIRST, Minnesota BANKFIRST, Sioux Falls, South Dakota Minneapolis, Minnesota The Eaton Bank, World Savings Bank, FSB, Eaton, Colorado Oakland, California FCNB Bank, First Bank of Frederick, Frederick, Maryland Frederick, Maryland Minster Bank, MSB Interim Bank, Minster, Ohio Minster, Ohio Summit Bank, Prime Bank, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Applicant(s) Reserve Bank Effective Date BANKFIRST, Minneapolis May 12, 1999 Sioux Falls, South Dakota The Eaton Bank, Kansas City May 19, 1999 Eaton, Colorado FCNB Bank, Richmond May 19, 1999 Frederick, Maryland Minster Bank, Cleveland May 6, 1999 Minster, Ohio Summit Bank, Philadelphia May 17, 1999 Bethlehem, Pennsylvania