FCNLFriends Committee on National Legislation
FCNLFrench Committee of National Liberation
FCNLFootball Club Neufchâteau-Liffol (French sports club)
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Working to defend the rights of Muslim immigrants and refugees is one of FCNL's many causes, and the organization is among many within the faith community pushing against Trump's policies that are harmful to religious freedom.
Through these events, FCNL volunteers were able to reach out to legislators from 43 states and encourage their thoughtful consideration of the issues and opportunities at stake in the nuclear negotiations.
Earl Blumenauer, Peter DeFazio and Kurt Schrader, with whom our Oregon FCNL volunteers were able to meet.
Statement: "We seek an earth restored." The FCNL Policy
Statement is available online at: fcnl.org/about/govern/policy/
FCNL works with a nationwide network of tens of thousands of people from every state in the U.S.
"For over 50 years," FCNL notes, "the US has recognized the rights of conscientious [war] objectors ...
The Viet Minh coalition acted upon the FCNL's repudiation of Decoux with an appeal in December 1943 calling upon "the Frenchmen of Indo-China loyal to France" to join them in a "systematic sabotage" of Decoux's administration.
In its recognition of the FCNL the British government confirmed the right of the Algiers authorities to administer all French overseas territories.
While these policy discussions continued in Whitehall, the FCNL took up its case for a role in Far Eastern war planning with Roosevelt's administration.
Since his arrival at Chungking in October 1943, Pechkoff had been unable to carve himself an operational niche without admitting the quid pro quo of greater Chinese military involvement in his plans.(67) In November 1943, the FCNL appointed Pechkoff the nominal organizer of French internal resistance in Indo-China.
Analysts say that the level of funding that was approved will bring the preparation period to 24 months (FCNL 2004).