FCOAFlorida Council on Aging
FCOAFuture Corvette Owners Association
FCOAFlexible Chart of Accounts (New Jersey)
FCOAFox Cities Officials Association (sports officials)
FCOAFederation of Chinese Organizations of America
FCOAFinancial Corporation of America (est. 1989; debt collections; Austin, TX)
FCOAForemost Corporation of America (Michigan)
FCOAFederal Council on the Aging (est. 1973)
FCOAFast Cleaning Ouest Algérie (French: Fast Cleaning West Algeria)
FCOAForeign and Commonwealth Office Association (UK)
FCOAFuture Corpses of America
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Further different signal processing applications are implemented using novel folded cascode op-amp (FCOA) designed using CNFET at 32 nm CNFET technologies.
In this work, MOSFET-like CNFETs are used for designing the FCOA circuit and due to the similarities between the MOSFET and MOSFET-like CNFET devices in terms of I-V characteristics and the other inherent attributes, design procedure of CNFET-based circuits is similar to CMOS [13, 30-37].
The simulations are performed for three different values of pitch 8 nm, 12 nm, and 20 nm for CNFET-based FCOA. Table 2 shows the comparative results at different values of pitch with respect to specifications.
Contract awarded for provision of video conferencing system services to the fcoa and fccoa