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FCPFinal Cut Pro (Apple video editing software)
FCPFonds Commun de Placement
FCPFibre Channel Protocol (storage interface mapping protocol)
FCPFull Court Press (basketball)
FCPFederal Contractors Program (Canada)
FCPFutebol Clube do Porto (Portuguese soccer club)
FCPFirstClass Protocol
FCPForward Consolidation Point (Canada Post)
FCPFamily Care Plan (military)
FCPFunction Control Protocol
FCPFrequency Control Products
FCPFederal Ceiling Price
FCPFlight Control Panel
FCPFatigue-Crack Propagation
FCPFederal Capital Partners (Washington, DC)
FCPFont Creator Program (utility to create TTF and FON files)
FCPFlat Concurrent Prolog
FCPForward Command Post
FCPFuel Cell Power (space shuttle)
FCPFamily Coalition Party of Ontario (Canadian Political Party)
FCPFire Control Panel
FCPFederazione Cure Palliative (Italian: Palliative Medicine)
FCPFuture Capabilities
FCPFuel Cell Powered
FCPFundamental Counting Principle
FCPForward Compatible Payroll
FCPFinite Capacity Planning
FCPF-Cell Production
FCPFile Control Parameter (ETSI global system for mobile communications specification)
FCPFoundation for Cooperative Processing (Anderson Consulting)
FCPFellow, American College of Clinical Pharmacology
FCPFrontiers in Contemporary Physics
FCPFort Canning Park (Singapore)
FCPFailure Count - Path (Telabs)
FCPFairfax County Parkway (Virginia)
FCPFront Cockpit
FCPFirewall Control Proxy (SIP)
FCPFund Control Point
FCPFirm Cost Proposal
FCPFlorid Cutaneous Papillomatosis (dermatology)
FCPFirewall Communication Protocol
FCPFare Construction Point (airlines)
FCPFujitsu Certified Professional
FCPFlow Control Processor
FCPFlorida Citrus Packers
FCPFluoroCopolymer (wire Insulation)
FCPFuel Consumption Projection
FCPFusion and Correlation Processor
FCPFunctional Command Post
FCPFunctional Control Program
FCPFederal Cataloging Program
FCPFiber Customer Panel (ADC)
FCPField Change Package
FCPFlow Control Program (Net-Vmg)
FCPFront Court Points (basketball)
FCPFYVE Domain-Containing Protein
FCPFacility Control Program
FCPFire Control Pod
FCPFacility Change Proposals
FCPFast Control Protocol (3Com OfficeConnect proprietary protocol to replace PPP)
FCPFire Control Personnel
FCPFielding Concept Plan
FCPFacilities Construction Plan
FCPFour Color Printing (computing process)
FCPFusion Client Platform (Oracle Java Swing based UI client technology based on the Fusion Software)
FCPFinal Circulating Pressure (oil engineering)
FCPFurukawa Certified Professional (Brazil)
FCPForest County Potawatomi (Wisconsin)
FCPFracture Closure Pressure (geomechanics)
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FCP Euro is an online retailer of Genuine, OE, and OEM auto parts for European cars, specializing in BMW, Volvo, Audi, VW, Mercedes, and Porsche parts.
This observation was used to increase the probability of measuring differences associated with the brake burnishing effect by testing each model at a different speed based on the known performance of each FCP system.
SCAN PRO FCP 75/SF is a major development for the global poultry meat processing industry," commented Asger S.
Based on Bardossy and Duckstein (1992), FCP computation is divided into the following steps:
O efeito dos niveis de substituicao do capimelefante pelo FCP sobre os parametros de degradacao ruminal da MS, PB e FDN foram analisados por meio de equacoes de regressao entre a variavel independente (niveis de substituicao) e as variaveis dependentes obtidas no experimento (parametros de degradacao).
lt;em>Photography Bay </em>has been live-blogging from the event and posted pictures of two slides bearing testimonials of users who tried the FCP X.
FCP will have a first closing on January 1, 2010 with commitments of $100 million and is targeting a final closing of $200 million in 2010.
Mujer de convicciones muy avanzadas para su tiempo se entusiasmo con las decididas acciones de FCP en pro de los indigenas mayas por su lengua original, su derecho a la tierra, a un trabajo con justicia en tiempos y salarios adecuados, a la educacion, la salud y la cultura de hombres y mujeres.
The new wires include: UltraCore FC and FCP 308L; UltraCore FC and FCP 309L and UltraCore FC and FCP 316L Whether the application requires increased deposition rates in the flat and horitzontal positions or all-position welding capability, stainless UltraCore allows for high-quality welds from enhanced arc performance, easy slag removal and minimal spatter.
Graduates of programs accredited by the CEAB are eligible for the FCP if they apply on-line at www.
FCP in early 2005 received another third-party review which further revised upwards its gross proved, probable and possible reserves attributed to Ledjmet Block 405b and Rhourde Yacoub Block 406.