FCPCFédération des Centres de Planning et de Consultations (French: Federation of Planning and Consultation Centers; Belgium)
FCPCFiliale de Cardiologie Pédiatrique et Congénitale (French: Subsidiary of Cardiology and Pediatric Congenital)
FCPCFootball Club des Portugais de Cholet (French football club)
FCPCFrancilienne de Couverture Plomberie Chauffage (French plumbin company)
FCPCFootball Club du Pays Créçois (French football club)
FCPCFootball Club Pellouailles Corze (French football club)
FCPCFlight Control Primary Computer
FCPCFair Campaign Practices Committee
FCPCFleet Computer Programming Center
FCPCFederal Committee On Pest Control
FCPCField Configurable Protocol Converter
FCPCFlorida Correctional Privatization Commission
FCPCFootball Club des Poteaux-Carrés (French football club)
FCPCFiber Connector Physical Connection (Sprint)
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Members from the FCPC council and CSC board of directors met afterwards in a cooperative, positive atmosphere with both parties expressing confidence that improvements are coming to the chemistry profession and society as a whole.
The FCPC should therefore expect that provincial chemistry associations will be given increased responsibilities in the future as provincial governments add more regulations to be carried out by a professional chemist (P.
In fact, our previous work has demonstrated the presence of FCPC in plastids of both E.
Abbreviations: CAP, chloramphenicol; CHX, cycloheximide; FCPC, fucoxanthin chlorophyll a/c binding proteins; LHC, light-harvesting complex; PSI; photosystem I.
The input port of a fiber-bonded detector may be of non-contact design (for example, using a lens, a plane-polished fiber end or a special angled connector) or may use a physical contact connector, such as DIN, SCPC or FCPC connectors.
The acceptance of mature conventional fiber-optic connector technology, such as the SMA, ST or FCPC connector types, has assisted in the system solutions associated with the hostile (e.
Assuming a reasonably stable source and interconnects, which is usually the condition for commercial connectors such as the SMA, STC and FCPC types, dynamic range is a secondary issue.
Separation was performed on a Fast Centrifugal Partition Chromatograph, FCPC (Kromaton Technologies, France).
Following these results, we separated the E2 fraction by FCPC into six main fractions (E2a: 8.