FCPDFairfax County Police Department (Fairfax County, VA)
FCPDFort Collins Police Department (Colorado)
FCPDFulton County Police Department (Georgia)
FCPDForest City Police Department (Iowa and North Carolina)
FCPDFibrocalculous Pancreatic Diabetes Mellitus (medical condition)
FCPDFungal Cytochrome P450 Database (biotechnology)
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Table 2 shows increase in FCPD in the third and fourth decade of life (p < 0.
Social and economic class of the subjects studied revealed that 100% of the patients with FCPD belonged to low social and economic status (total family income = Rs.
In this study, we found that FCPD had the highest basal and postprandial blood glucose levels.
Two of the FCPD cases were insulin dependent, although only one case responded to oral therapy.
In tropical countries, diabetes associated with malnutrition, such as J type diabetes and tropical pancreatic diabetes and FCPD have been described, and by this study, we were trying to know the prevalence and clinical presentation of FCPD in and around Jabalpur, Central India.
This study was conducted on the entire group with diabetes irrespective of age and sex and it was noticed that FCPD was found in the age group of 35-45 years and calcification was present in men whereas the solitary case of pseudopancreatic cyst was a woman, but no valid conclusion could be drawn.
The PST concept existed for many years in the FCPD prior to these tragic events in May 2006.
The shooting at the Sully Station provided the FCPD with an extreme test of leadership, courage, and commitment.
FCPD mentors must have 2 years in the department to ensure adequate experience and maturity.
The FCPD believes that the basic tenet of a mentoring program is to keep it simple and cost-effective.
A study conducted by Jyostna et al in North eastern Indian region in 70 diabetics less than 30 years showed FCPD to be the commonest accounting for 32.
There were 3 cases of FCPD out of which 2 were from rural areas.