FCPGAFlip Chip Pin Grid Array
FCPGAFootball Coaches Professional Growth Association (Poway, CA)
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NYSE:A), a leading provider of innovative technologies for communications and life sciences, today announced the availability of the ArctiCooler Model CE (HACE-0001) cooling solution, which provides the industry's coolest, quietest, smallest and most reliable performance for Xeon socket 603 FCPGA enhanced server and workstation processors running at clock speeds up to and beyond 2 GHz.
The model CD has the robust thermal performance needed to support that full range of scenarios, and ensures an OEM's Intel PIII Coppermine or AMD Athlon FCPGA solution.
Pentium III FCPGA Coppermine processors running at 733-933 MHz with 256 KB of integrated L2 cache and 133 MHz FSB.