FCPMCFood and Consumer Products Manufacturers of Canada (Fabricants des Produits Alimentaires et de Consommation du Canada)
FCPMCForeign Capital Project Management Center (China)
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ABBREVIATIONS ABC Agricultural Bank of China ADB Asian Development Bank ADBC Agricultural Development Bank of China CDF Community Development Fund Official CDF The Poor Village Development Mutual Help Fund in China FCPMC Foreign Capital and Project Management Centre of PADO MoF Ministry of Finance PADO Poverty Alleviation and Development Office of the State Council RCCs Rural credit Cooperatives TA Technical Assistance
11) TCC5 is implemented by the MoF and FCPMC of PADO, the project was initiated at the end of 2006 in two counties: Wangchang County of Sichuan Province and Yixian County of Henan Province.
The Canadian food and beverage industry is predicting significant growth potential for the next 10 years, according to a 1998 FCPMC member survey.