FCSANFibre Channel Storage Area Network
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Right to upgrade FW ASP Onsite NBD) for one year under a contract for work (see draft contract) with the conditions of support by the firm Quantum of productive backup library Quantum Scalar i80, SN: D1H0192507 and DDC0394212 and DDC0084212 , composed of 2 LTO5 FCSAN 8 Gb, 50 active slots for the next period (the period 7 / 2017-6 / 2018 - backup library was delivered to the Municipal court in Brno on 18 June 2014, the warranty period is 36 months).
Businesses demand ubiquitous network storage that supports multiple platforms--and many of the largest businesses are getting it through fibre channel storage area networks (FCSANs).
GbE provides new levels of bandwidth without the problems that have plagued FCSANs. IT staff are experienced in Ethernet, current systems interoperate with it, and with the advent of gigabit Ethernet (GbE) there is no longer a significant performance difference between Ethernet and FC.