FCSCForeign Claims Settlement Commission
FCSCFootball Club de Saint Corneille (French football club)
FCSCFrançais Complet Signé Codé (French; Complete French Signed Coded; deafness)
FCSCFootball Club Saint-Claude (French football club)
FCSCFujitsu Computer Systems Corporation
FCSCFootball Club de Saulon Corcelles (French football club)
FCSCFederal Civil Service Commission (Nigeria)
FCSCFederal Conversion Support Center
FCSCFellow Construction Specifications Canada
FCSCFairchild Communications Services Company
FCSCFleet Command Support Center
FCSCFire Control Systems Coordinator
FCSCFire Control System Coordinator
FCSCFlint Civil Service Commission (Flint, Michigan)
FCSCFuture Combat Systems Communications
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Potential of single resident None fibrocartilage stem cells (FCSC) to regenerate cartilage, bone, and haematopoietic compartment Fellows et al.
The researchers isolated fibrocartilage stem cells (FCSCs) from the joint and showed that the cells can form cartilage and bone, both in the laboratory and when implanted into animals.
On the issue of the poor quality of Permanent Secretaries, Directors, and other transferees, whose entrance into the Federal Civil Service, was traced to what he called "irregular regularization" and "improper proper placement," and which the author attributed to the poor conduct of the FCSC in 2001 up to 2011, was acknowledged by the author as being the same as what obtained in 1992 to 1998 (pp.
Similarly in the Financial Services Sector, the cointegrating regression for FDIBL/FCSC pair exhibits a cointegrating coefficient of 0.1910 indicating the number of FCSC units to be held short for every one unit of FDIBL held long.
The International Claims Settlement Act created a separate forum within the executive branch, which has since been replaced by the FCSC. (219) The FCSC offers a formal process for hearing claims against foreign states.
That British-based fund was set up by Miami lawyer Tim Ashby in 2006 to assist in his unsuccessful efforts to legalize the sale and transfer of such FCSC claims (see CubaNews, January 2010, page 4).
Commission (FCSC) is currently accepting and adjudicating various
(FCSC) of Pakistan's First Capital Group that includes First Capital Equities Limited, First Capital investments Limited, First Capital Mutual Fund, Shaheen Insurance Company Limited, and Equity Partners Securities Limited of Bangladesh.
The Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FCSC) currently guarantees 100% of the first pounds 35,000 of savings each person has at a bank, and Mr King said it was "sensible" that this was raised to pounds 50,000.
The Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FCSC) currently guarantees 100 per cent of the first pounds 35,000 of savings each person has at a bank, and Mr King said it was "sensible" that this was raised to pounds 50,000.
In the United States, a federal agency known as the Federal Claims Settlement Commission (FCSC) received evidence of, and assessed claims by, thousands of U.S.
(22) See COMMISSION REPORT, supra note 2, at 21-25, 39; see also REPORT OF THE FEDERAL COURTS STUDY COMMITTEE 109 (1990) [hereinafter FCSC REPORT] (stating that caseload increases have transformed the circuits).