FCSMFibre Channel Switch Module
FCSMFederal Committee on Statistical Methodology
FCSMFootball Club Sarlat Marcillac (French football club)
FCSMFootball Club Sochaux Montbéliard
FCSMFlight Combustion Stability Monitor (US NASA)
FCSMFootball Club Sèvre et Maine (French football club)
FCSMFootball Club Spartak Moscow (Russia)
FCSMFellow of the Cambridge Society of Musicians
FCSMFrame Cell Switching Module (XYLAN)
FCSMFiber Channel Switching Module (Cisco)
FCSMFleet Cryptologic Systems Maintenance (US Navy)
FCSMFarnborough and Camberley School of Motoring (UK driving school)
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Results showed that: (1) CP content in FCSM and EHCSM increased 8.42% (P 0.05), WSP content increased about 5.64-fold (P < 0.05) and 6.39-fold (P < 0.05), total AA content increased 8.95% and 8.95%, respectively; the peptide fractions (a$?
Although, enhancing CSM nutritional quality by solid-state fermentation or protease hydrolysis methods have been reported (Tang et al., 2012; Sun et al., 2012), and the fermented CSM (FCSM) and enzymatic hydrolyzed CSM (EHCSM) have been used in poultry diets (Sun et al., 2013; Nie et al., 2015a, b), but the amino acid digestibility and metabolic energy of fermented CSM and hydrolyzed CSM in broilers are lacking.
Dry matter (DM), CP content of CSM, FCSM and EHCSM were determined according to AOCS (2009) method.
A total of thirty-two white leghorn roosters with similar weight (1.95+- 0.14 kg) were divided into 4 treatment groups, 1) starvation group, 2) untreated CSM group, 3) FCSM group, and 4) EHCSM group.
And as FCSM ramps up in the next few years, as there is an even greater number of compact but powerful fuel cell stacks, there is the possibility for even more fuel cell vehicles coming from Honda.
"The 2013 Annual Social Economic Supplement Health Insurance Questionnaire Test: The Sample Design." Proceedings of the 2013 Federal Committee on Statistical Methodology (FCSM) Research Conference.
Then, studies were conducted to determine the effects of FCSM on growth performance, serum biochemical parameters and immune function in yellow-feather broilers, replacing SBM with FCSM at graded levels in 4% increments.
The three treatment groups were fed with a similar diet in which the SBM was partly replaced by 4, 8, or 12% FCSM (Table 1).
The dry matter (DM) content of SBM, CSM and FCSM was analyzed by drying the samples at 105[degrees]C for 5 h, Ash by incineration at 550[degrees]C for 24 h in a muffle furnace, crude protein (CP) by a kjeldahl method multiplying by a factor of 6.25 (AOAC, 1999; method 988.05) and fat content was measured by extracting the oil with diethyl ether according to Wang et al.
FCSM will begin production of the system in 2020 in the GM battery pack manufacturing facility located in Brownstown, Michigan.
The goal of the FCSM report is to characterize best practices for SDL, and it contains a table presenting the methods employed by each agency to protect microdata and tabular data (Harris-Kojetin and others 2005, p.
In another brief, FCSM suggests that the problem with small cells