FCSOFranklin County Sheriff's Office (various locations)
FCSOFirst Coast Service Options, Inc. (Medicare administrator)
FCSOForsyth County Sheriff's Office (Winston-Salem, NC)
FCSOFight Club Septème-Oytier (French martial arts club)
FCSOFroid Climatisation Sud Ouest (French: Southwest Cold Air)
FCSOFort Collins Symphony Orchestra
FCSOFranklin County Senior Options (Ohio)
FCSOFédération Canadienne des Sociétés Orchidophiles (French: Canadian Orchid Congress)
FCSOFootball Club Saint Omer (French football club)
FCSOForum of Civil Society Organisations
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FCSO covers the state of Florida as well as Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands.
Coverage criteria was based on the North American Spine Society's Coverage Policy Recommendations and can be found on FCSO's website at: https: //medicare.fcso.com/Coverage_News/0341062.asp.
FCSO becomes the eighth and final MAC to provide access to coverage for MIS SI joint fusion and now Medicare beneficiaries in all 50 states and the District of Columbia have access to the iFuse Implant System.
They were clearly drawn to religious currents, often placed under the rubric "Radical Christianity," and articulated by groups such as the Student Christian Movement (SCM) and the Fellowship for a Christian Social Order (FCSO) which sought to ground ethical and theological objections to capitalism in a thorough understanding of its objective tendencies.
FCSO intellectuals--and those in the League for Social Reconstruction, to which many of them belonged (25) along with the SCM, which they also supported (26) --sought to combine Christian ideals, social scientific techniques, and economic planning to solve the problems of a system in crisis.
In a sense, what we find in much of the religious writing in the mainstream labour press is a translation into a humbler and more accessible language of the FCSO's iconoclastic theology and socialism.
A member of the FCSO and LSR, he ran as a CCF candidate in Montreal's Mount Royal constituency in the 1940 federal election.
Certainly Havelock felt few inhibitions when, speaking as a representative of the FCSO, he addressed the striking General Motors workers in Oshawa on 14 April 1937.
The conference opened with presentations by Dr Larry Wallace, O.D., FCSO, (President CSO NECO grad., he is CSO Ed Dir & Chair of the Fellowship & Education Committees.
A presentation on Photosensitive Ganglion Cells was given by Dr Don Barniske, O.D., FCSO introducing the newly identified phototransductive retinal ganglion cells (ipRGC) which respond to blue daylight and are thought to synchronize circadian rhythms, modulate melatonin release, and regulate pupil size.