FCSVFootball Club Saône Vallée (French: Saône Valley Football Club; Saône Valley; France)
FCSVFootball Club Sud Vilaine (French: South Vilaine Football Club; South Vilaine, France)
FCSVFédération des Centres Sociaux Vienne (French: Vienne Federation of Social Centers; Vienne, France)
FCSVFilipino Community of Sacramento and Vicinity (California)
FCSVFuture Combat Systems Vehicle (US Army)
FCSVFamily & Community Service
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Every batch of PCR reactions included the following positive controls: 1) Positive extraction control, which was the same as the enterovirus reference control seeded into "blank" FCSV matrix; and 2) Positive reference control for each virus group tested.
Standards were created by serially diluting 1:10 the capsid-intact virions (now Benzonase treated and quantified) into 280 L volumes of negative FCSV. Negative FCSV was prepared by passing 10 L dechlorinated tap water through a glass wool filter and eluting and flocculating the eluate the same as for the unknowns.
Final concentrated sample (800 [micro]L FCSV) was added to 3.2 mL sterile PBS and then passed through a 0.22 m pore size sterilizing filter (Acrodisc, Pall Life Sciences, Port Washington, NY, USA).