FCTHFundação Centro Technológico de Hidráulica (Portuguese: Hydraulics Technology Foundation Center; Brazil)
FCTHFederação Catarinense de Texas Hold'Em (Portuguese; Catarinense Texas Hold'Em Federation; Brazil; cards)
FCTHFellowship of Christian Teaching Homes (Panama City, FL)
FCTHFinn Connection Trade House (Kuopio, Finland)
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In fact, [[bar.D].sup.1.sub.ki] can represent the correlation between the fcth output parameter and the ith input parameter.
Many handcrafted descriptors are used to solve the visual terrain classification issue (e.g., ColorHist [5,13], LBP [6,14], GIST [15], SIFT [16,17,19], CCDs [18], FCTH [18], and JCD [18]).
In our analysis, fcth generation boundaries are taken from Table 1 because of the observation in Figure 5 that clearly suggests that generational boundaries of Q-sequence are also boundaries of the heart patterns.
At the fcth iteration, calculate [mathematical expression not reproducible] satisfies the following equation:
where [s.sub.k] [member of] [R.sup.n] are fcth analyzed vibration signals, n is length of analyzed signal, [d.sub.m] [member of] [R.sup.p] is a set of atoms, p is length of atom, [x.sub.k,m] [member of] [R.sup.n-p+1] are sparse coefficients related to a given signal [s.sub.k] and atom [d.sub.m], [lambda] [member of] [R.sup.+] is penalty parameter, K is number of interval signals [s.sub.k], and M is number of atoms [d.sub.m].
In (2), [h.sub.kn] is a channel element from the nth transmit-antenna to the fcth user (n= l, 2, ...
where [V.sub.k,n] is the space of level-k spherical harmonics on [S.sup."]; equivalently, [V.sub.k,n] is the eigenspace of the (positive) Laplace-Beltrami operator on functions on [S.sup.n], corresponding to its fcth eigenvalue [[lambda].sub.k,n] = k(k + n - 1).
where n is the time index, X[k] is the data symbol on the fcth subcarrier, k denotes the subcarrier index, and N is the number of the subcarriers.
For the stochastic regression model of the PPI sub-network in the candidate IGEN, the expression level of the jth protein and its fcth connecting protein in nth sample, denoted by [y.sub.j](n) and [y.sub.k] (n), respectively, could be described by the stochastic regression model of PPIN as the following stochastic regression equation:
[m.sub.k] is the indicator vector containing the degrees of freedom 3(dof) of nth node (1, 2, 3, or 4; Figure 1) in fcth finite element given by
Let [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] and MAD(i, j, k) denote target bit rate and MAD value in the fcth MB, respectively.
where x is input vector with dimension; [H.sub.k](x) is output of the fcth unit in the second hidden layout; [w.sub.jk] is connected weight between the jth nerve cell in the second hidden layout and the fcth nerve cell of output layout; P(*) is Parzen window function; [c.sub.kj] is the fcth center vector of the jth class in the first hidden layout; [n.sub.k] is the number of the center vectors of the fcth class in the first hidden layout; [parallel] * [parallel] is Euclidean norm; M is the number of nerve cells in the output layout.