FCTWFrankenstein Conquers the World (movie)
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As a consequence, this level has a high number of false alarms, so in order to enhance accuracy a Fault Counter on Time Windows (FCTW), as proposed in (Lipnickas A., 2006), was implemented.
Although dividing the problem into two levels and adding a FCTW to the first level of detection achieved an important reduction in false alarms, this is still an open research problem.
Accuracy and Sensitivity Level 1 using FCTW. Algorithm Accuracy Sensitivity FA FA Clear (%) (%) (%) Time SVM+FCTW 97.290 89.32 1.010 3,5Ts ANN+FCTW 97.10 88.14 1.012 3,5Ts KNN+FCTW 91.18 79.97 5.63 4,3Ts GMM+FCTW 92.27 84.74 5.30 4,1Ts Source: own work.