FCUBFarmall Cub (tractor)
FCUBFranklin County United Bank (Tennessee)
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The authors acknowledge the support of the FP7 RegPot project FCUB ERA GA No.
Covariates considered Units Name Description Biological/capture Age Bear age at capture Integer Sex Bear sex [male] or [female] Fcubs Females with cubs Binary Julian day Relative change in Numeric date of yearly capture Ncaps Number of live captures Integer Anthropogenic/habitat Roads Road density Road km/ [km.sup.2] Regen Regeneration habitat Proportion Regen variation Regeneration variation Proportion Ccvar Crown closure variation Proportion Elevation Mean elevation Meters Forestage Forest age Years Tri Terrain ruggedness Unitless Predicted relationships Name Survival BCI Biological/capture Age 0 0 Sex + (Females) 0 Fcubs 0 -- Julian day 0 0 Ncaps 0 -- Anthropogenic/habitat Roads -- 0 Regen -- 0 Regen variation -- 0 Ccvar 0 0 Elevation 0 -- Forestage 0 -- Tri 0 -- Table 3.