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Firstly, the ta-C film is prepared by the FCVA technique; then the prepared film is boronated by the thermal diffusion technique.
In this paper, Ti-Al-C ternary nanocomposite films were deposited by FCVA, TiAl target being used as cathode at the methane and argon atmosphere.
The Ti-Al-C films were deposited by the FCVA technique.
Nanocomposite Ti-Al-C films were deposited by FCVA at different C[H.sub.4] flows.
Zhang, "The effect of applied negative bias voltage on the structure of Ti-doped a-C:H films deposited by FCVA," Applied Surface Science, vol.
Since FCVA was first reported as an efficient method for depositing high-quality hard coatings free of macroparticles, DLC films deposited by the FCVA method have generated considerable interest as coating materials [11,12].
In this study, DLC thin films were deposited via FCVA ion plating under both DC and pulse bias voltages.
DLC films were deposited by FCVA plating with a bended filter, a graphite target, and argon gas.
Figure 2 shows the Raman spectra of DLC films prepared by the FCVA method with different target bias voltages.
C:Co composite films with the same Co content but different initial [sp.sup.2]/[sp.sup.3] ratios were deposited using dual-source FCVA technique, with varying growth temperatures.