FCVAFiltered Cathodic Vacuum Arc (films)
FCVAFrist Center for the Visual Arts (Nashville, TN)
FCVAFootball Club Val d'Adour (French football club)
FCVAFootball Club Vallée de l'Arrats (French football club)
FCVAFinancial Counselors of Virginia, Inc.
FCVAFayard Courtage Valentinois d'Assurance (French insurance brokerage company)
FCVAFootball Club du Val d'Arol (French football club)
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Firstly, the ta-C film is prepared by the FCVA technique; then the prepared film is boronated by the thermal diffusion technique.
In this paper, Ti-Al-C ternary nanocomposite films were deposited by FCVA, TiAl target being used as cathode at the methane and argon atmosphere.
The Ti-Al-C films were deposited by the FCVA technique.
Nanocomposite Ti-Al-C films were deposited by FCVA at different C[H.sub.4] flows.
Zhang, "The effect of applied negative bias voltage on the structure of Ti-doped a-C:H films deposited by FCVA," Applied Surface Science, vol.
Since FCVA was first reported as an efficient method for depositing high-quality hard coatings free of macroparticles, DLC films deposited by the FCVA method have generated considerable interest as coating materials [11,12].
In this study, DLC thin films were deposited via FCVA ion plating under both DC and pulse bias voltages.
DLC films were deposited by FCVA plating with a bended filter, a graphite target, and argon gas.
Figure 2 shows the Raman spectra of DLC films prepared by the FCVA method with different target bias voltages.
C:Co composite films with the same Co content but different initial [sp.sup.2]/[sp.sup.3] ratios were deposited using dual-source FCVA technique, with varying growth temperatures.