FCVPFamily and Community Violence Prevention
FCVPFederal Crab Vessel Permit (US)
FCVPForwarding Cache VLAN Protocol
FCVPFriends of Cromwell Valley Park
FCVPFull Circle Video Productions
FCVPForeign Counterpart Visit Program
FCVPfuzzy constraint verification problem
FCVPFootball Club Vorskla Poltava (Poltava, Ukraine)
FCVPfunctional cardiovascular pathology
FCVPFootball Club Villy le Pelloux (French: Villy-le-Pelloux Football Club; Villy-le-Pelloux, France)
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studied the influence of IAP on femoral CVP and claimed an IAP cut off of 14 mmHg, below which both TCVP and FCVP were having a good agreement10.
Yet a good correlation was found between IAP and FCVP in our results.
We saw a good correlation between FCVP and TCVP in our data despite the inclusion of respiratory patients.