FCWAFibre Channel Write Acceleration
FCWAFairfax County Water Authority (Virginia)
FCWAFamily Court of Western Australia
FCWAFriends of Comfort Women in Australia (human rights organization)
FCWAFederal Clean Water Act of 1972
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Through this syllogism the Court held that the FCWA also has
private international law perspective, is the fact that the FCWA lacks
[T]he FCWA is a statutory court and therefore cannot grant
accepted that the FCWA cannot exercise the powers of a court of
Full Court held that the FCWA had the implied jurisdiction to restrain
Family Court of Western Australia ('FCWA') to restrain the
Sixty-five percent of processing workers surveyed reported experiencing injuries or illnesses on the job." The most common of these injuries, according to the FCWA are:
The characteristics of the produced FCWA products were also compared.
The cellulose pulps, PVA, cement, waste marble powder (WMP), and recycling water with the pH value of 13 were used in the desired proportions as shown in Table 6 to prepare the FCWA slurry used for the production of the fiber-cement composite materials in the experiments.
This study proposes more economical FCWA method and two new types of cellulose fibers for fiber-cement.
Caption: Figure 7: The mechanical properties of FCWA according to cellulose fiber type: (a) modulus of rupture and (b) modulus of elasticity.
ViC-FCWA EuC-FCWA ArC-FCWA 7-day MOR (MPa) 11.24 11.94 13.13 results MOE (GPa) 4.70 4.65 5.43 15-day MOR (MPa) 9.76 13.97 12.16 results MOE (GPa) 3.79 5.76 5.66 28-day MOR (MPa) 9.76 17.57 17.39 results MOE (GPa) 3.79 5.28 4.89 Table 10: 28-Day results of FCWA products.