FCWUFood and Canning Workers Union
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It was for this reason that the FCWU, in a petition to the UN in 1952, asked for free travel across the boundary without molestation of persons or seizure of goods and money (Gobina, 1990).
The FCWU in Tiko, led by Lucas Ayissi, sent a petition to the UN Visiting Mission in 1949 on the representation of immigrants in the local government of Victoria Division in these words;
The FCWU in a letter to the DO for Victoria also argued that because of tribalism and discrimination, "strangers" who were paying seventy-five percent tax in the division could not be represented in the local councils (Monono, 2001: 80).
One of the Governors of the Southern Provinces of Nigeria had in a public meeting in Victoria made it clear that but for the revenue contributed by the immigrants, the Victoria treasury, would become insolvent leading inevitably to the curtailment of essential social services (NAB, si(1951)10, FCWU: 8).
In a petition to Governor Sir John Stuart Macpherson, the FCWU condemned their disenfranchisement in the following words;