FCYRFort Collins Youth Rugby (Fort Collins, CO)
FCYRFrench Confederation of Young Researcher (think tank; France)
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La explicacion a dicho evento esta asociada con el estimulo generado por la fosforilacion del dominio intracitoplasmatico de FcyR por la quinasa Syk en pacientes con LES, lo cual induce un incremento en la concentracion de calcio ([Ca.sup.+.sub.2]) citoplasmatico, lo cual activa la actividad fosfatasa de la calcineurina sobre el NFAT.
The FcyR family includes major CRP targets, expressed in numerous cells of the immune system, controlling activation, proliferation, phagocytosis, degranulation, and cytokine secretion [82], thus regulating local inflammatory processes, such as those occurring in atherosclerotic plaques.
Perhaps an effect amplifying the hypothesized mechanisms proposed is the influence of FcyR polymorphisms on the response to IVIG therapy.
Following manual counting by trypan blue exclusion, cells were washed and incubated for 20 minutes on ice with FcyR Block (2.4G2 clone) and for 30 minutes with the following antibodies: APC-conjugated hamster anti-mouse CD11c, PE-CD80, -CD86, -CD11b, FITC-hamster anti-mouse CD40, PerCPCy5.5-anti-MHC class II, and PeCy7-anti-Gr-1, which stains Ly6C and Ly6G.
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