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FCODEForth Code (electrical engineering)
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In our study, stream segments were combined using stream-level and stream-type data obtained from the "Stream Level" field of the "NHDFlowlineVAA" table and the "FCode" field of the attribute table of the "NHDFlowline" feature class.
ALGORITHM 1 Char * device; /'declaring variable, name of the network interface being used for intercepting data packets*/ pcap_t p; /'declaring variable, control code of the intercepted data packets (the most important data structure)*/ Struct bpf_program fcode; /* Berkeley Packet Filter (BPF) code structure involvingthe use of struct*/ Step 1.
To simplify boot-up in different operating system environments, it features a custom BIOS that supports both VGA and FCode. This enables the board to operate in virtually any x86 or SPARC system using VGA, Sync On Green (SOG) or DV I displays.