FD-DFEFrequency Domain Decision Feedback Equalizer
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(15), the logarithm of the MSE is substituted in the objective function of FD-DFE and has no effect on the optimal solution because of the monotonicity of the logarithm.
(22) is a standard convex problem, the KKT conditions provide OPA solutions for FD-LE, FD-DFE, and an idealized MF receiver as follows:
For FD-LE and FD-DFE, when the ordered SP and UPA are employed at SR (denoted by SP+UPA), the MSEs decrease compared with when only UPA is employed.
The simulation results of MSE versus SINR for FD-DFE in the case of (N = 16, [N.sub.q] = [N.sub.f] = 4) are presented in Fig.