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FDAFood & Drug Administration (US)
FDAFlorida Dental Association
FDAFuji Dream Airlines (Japan)
FDAFunctional Data Analysis
FDAFaculty of Design and Art (Venice, Italy)
FDAFailure Data Analysis
FDAFast Data Acquisition
FDAFully Differential Amplifier
FDAFlight Deck Assembly
FDAFree Direct Access
FDAFondation des Artistes (Artist Foundation; Canada)
FDAFirst Delivery Attempt (telecommunications)
FDAFirst Division Association
FDAForeign Disaster Assistance
FDAFire Detection & Alarm System
FDAFrequency Domain Analysis
FDAFederal Disaster Area
FDAFoundation Degree Arts (UK)
FDAForest Development Agency (India)
FDAFonds de Développement Agricole (French: Agricultural Development Fund)
FDAFoundation for Democracy in Africa (Washington, DC)
FDAFinal Design Approval
FDAFaculty Digital Archive (New York University)
FDAFinal Disbursement Account (shipping)
FDAFlorida Dart Association
FDAFactorized Distribution Algorithm
FDAFrancilienne de Distribution Automatique (French vending company)
FDAFlow Diffusion Analysis (bioprocess)
FDAFibre Disk Array (data storage)
FDAFood Development Association
FDAFunctional Data Administrator
FDAFailure-Data Analysis
FDAFault Detection and Annunciation
FDAFlorida Defense Alliance
FDAFlight Data Assistant
FDAFault Detection and Accommodation
FDAFlying Dentists Association
FDAFundacion de Desarrollo Agropecuario Inc. (Dominican Republic)
FDAFilter Debris Analysis
FDAFacebook Display of Affection (social networking)
FDAFatigue Damage Accumulation
FDAFinancial Disclosure Agreement
FDAFrente Por El Derecho a Alimentarse (Spanish: Front for the Right to Food; Mexico)
FDAFlexor Digitorum Accessorius
FDAFault Detection Accommodation
FDAFunctional Development Article
FDAFinal Delivered Article
FDAFuel Distribution Analyzer
FDAFully Drawn Advance
FDAFinal Drawing Approval
FDAFrequency Domain Aliasing
FDAForce Defence Area
FDAFaller, Davis and Associates, Inc. (Tampa, FL)
FDAFull Disclosure Agreements
FDAFunctional Driving Assessment (trademark of Raydon Corporation)
FDAFire Design Associates, Inc. (Sacramento, CA)
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Dispute: The U S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not test cosmetic ingredients except for color additives before they reach the public That's because the law requires that only colors be approved Manufacturers of cosmetics are responsible for ensuring that their products and ingredients are safe before they market them After a cosmetic product hits the stores, however, if the FDA finds that it is not safe for consumers, it can take steps to have the product removed
During the 1980s, President Ronald Reagan campaigned against "big government" and tried to axe funding and authority for meddling agencies like the FDA, the Environmental Protection Agency, and the Federal Trade Commission.
The Society made recommendations to the FDA concerning the experts best qualified to serve on the advisory panel," said John Richert, MD, vice president of Research and Clinical Programs for the Society.
Recently, under pressure from the EWG, the FDA has put the cosmetics industry on notice that it intends to begin enforcing a 1975 law requiring labels on products that contain ingredients that haven't been tested for safety (such testing is not required by law).
Hager, who cast one of the dissenting votes against over-the-counter status for Plan B, later sent a letter to the commissioner of the FDA outlining his concerns about the drug.
They then must appeal to the FDA for permission to take their drugs to consumers.
Leaders welcomes the new FDA guidance, which he says puts the agency "two or three years ahead of the industry" in terms of understanding that public perception of an industry's reliability is critical to product acceptance.
One possible amendment would revive a loophole deleted from the original bill in D95, allowing lawsuits in cases where a drug company knowingly hid information from the FDA about a product's possible effects.
NOTE: You may obtain more information on how FDA regulates dietary supplements and on the manufacturers' responsibilities for the products they market at "Questions and Answers.
The updated FDA guidance documents will provide the clearest road map yet for traversing this wild and woolly zone of trial design in treatment-experienced patients.
Since 1997, the FDA has committed more than $30 million to tobacco enforcement.