FDAHFort Dodge Animal Health (Overland Park, KS; division of Wyeth)
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The FDAH seems to understand that both the first and third prongs of the disability definition--that is, "an impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities" and "regarded as having a disability"--can encompass a social model of disability.
Thus, unlike the FDAH's thorough examination in Smith (116) of how the misconceptions and prejudices of Smith's supervisors effectively disabled her, the courts and administrative agencies in these cases, although seemingly well-intentioned, perform an incomplete social model analysis by not demonstrating how the general stigma worked to disable the specific plaintiff.
Even in Smith, the best example of a full application of the social model of disability, the FDAH states that "Smith's condition was wholly involuntary" to show that she did not deserve the treatment she received from her superiors, treatment that emanated from their misconceptions and prejudices of transsexuality.
"With the acquisition of FDAH products, we have a strong lineup in all cattle segments with vaccines, mastitis tubes and antiparasitics," says Colin Meyers, executive director, cattle.
While the company has strong legacy brands such as Vetmedin and Metacam that are well-established in unique medical areas, the addition of the highly respected and popular FDAH pet vaccine lines increased BIVI's product presence in clinics across the country.
Matt Musselman, Executive Director, Companion Animal Business, says the addition of the Duramune and Fel-O-Vax line of vaccines from FDAH, as well as the company's new Prozinc feline insulin product, demonstrates the commitment BIVI has to developing and marketing differentiated products for managing infectious and chronic disease in companion animals.
The introduction of ProMeris allows FDAH to compete in the global flea and tick market, the largest segment in the animal health industry.
For example, in response to the avian influenza outbreaks throughout the world, FDAH utilized reverse genetics, a cuttingedge technology being used in the development of human vaccines.
Because today's livestock producers require the most professional sales and technical representation from the industry, FDAH sales managers and field veterinarians provide custom vaccine programs, implant and dewormer protocols and value-added programs to our customers.