FDASFonds d'Aide au Développement du Scénario (French: Development Assistance Fund Scenario)
FDASFonds Départemental d'Action Sociale (French: Departmental Social Action Fund)
FDASFire Detection and Actuation System (government contract)
FDASFisher Divorce Adjustment Scale (behavioral science)
FDASFlight Dynamics Analysis System
FDASFrequency Distribution Analysis Sheet
FDASFast Data Acquisition System (electronic measuring)
FDASFlight Data Access/Archival System (NASA)
FDASFood and Drug Analytical Services Limited (chemical/microbiological services; UK)
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Another Sun facility has been on the FDAs banned list since 2014 after deleting more than 5,000 potentially undesirable tests.
Packaging & labeling control requirements; Records & Report requirements under FDA CGMPs.
Unlike food additives, GRAS substances are not subject to FDA pre-market approval; however, they must meet the same safety standards as approved food additives.
The two drugs currently approved by the FDA for SBS are somatropin rhGH (Zorbtive), a growth hormone approved in 2003, and L-glutamine powder for oral solution (Nutrestore), an adjunctive treatment approved in 2004.
The SFDA will be a federation of Forest Development Agencies (FDAs) of the state or Union Territory.
Until 1984, if a food label mentioned a disease like cancel the FDA considered the food to be a non-approved drug in other words, illegal.
Initially, FDA issued a 28-page Proposed Rule that would amend its regulations regarding medical device establishment registration and device listing (the Proposed Rule).
FDA testing has demonstrated that some counterfeit product contains no active ingredient.
In mid-2015 a number of articles appeared following the FDAs warning against analgesics.
Cases of serotonin syndrome associated with concomitant administration of linezolid and serotoninergic psychiatric medications, including some deaths, have been reported to the FDAs adverse event reporting system (AERS), according to one of the statements.
The 2001 revision of the Food and Drug Administration's (FDAs) Food Code was undertaken in cooperation with the Conference for Food Protection to help ensure that food sold or offered by retail food establishments is safe, unadulterated, and honestly presented.
Adverse events to any drug can be reported to the manufacturer or to the FDAs MedWatch program by calling 800-3321088; by fax at 800-332-0178; via the Internet at www.fda.gov.medwatch; or by mail to MedWatch (HF-2), FDA, 5600 Fishers Ln., Rockville, MD 20857.