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FDCSField Data Collection System
FDCSForage Dynamitage Côte-Sud (French: South Shore Drilling Blasting; Canada)
FDCSFederal Drug Control Service (Russia)
FDCSFollicular Dendritic Cell Sarcoma
FDCSFuture Development Computer Services (South Africa)
FDCSFlorida Dental Care Study
FDCSFlight Data Communications Specialist (FAA)
FDCSFlight Deck Communications System
FDCSFlight Director Control School
FDCSFamily Designs Consulting Services (Ohio)
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FDCS (inflammatory pseudotumour like variant) shows strong association with Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV), which may be due to the expression of CD21.
13 Spontaneous regression of FDCS of lung has also been reported in the literature.
Immunohistochemical markers assist in arriving at the diagnosis of FDCS if the appropriate immunohistochemical markers specific for follicular dendritic cell differentiation/FDCS are applied.
An inflammatory pseudotumor-like variant of FDCS has been described, with areas that are histologically similar to conventional inflammatory pseudotumors, differentiating it from conventional FDCS.
5% of FDCS and 40% of inflammatory pseudotumor-like variants of FDCS cases.